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Preschool - 5 Year Olds

The Pre-K program at Adventure Place is designed to ensure your child will walk into kindergarten with all the knowledge and self-confidence needed to be successful. Our daily program begins at arrival!


The children have a few minutes to get acclimated to their environment. They can socialize with their friends, chat with their teacher or get involved in a learning center.

Strengthening Skills

Adventure Place implements the Creative Curriculum. Lesson plans are created according to the children’s interests, environment and developmental need. The teacher guided activities can vary from patterning and counting to tracing and letter recognition games. Weekly lesson plans will consist of learning through a variety of science, social studies, math, writing, reading, music, art and of course, when weather permits outside play activities!!

1 on 1 Time

The teachers make it a point to work with each child one on one at least once a week. She is always involved in the group activities but she feels it’s necessary to get to know the children in her class and make sure they feel comfortable with her. Social development is continued to be closely monitored as well. The children are encouraged to work out their problems with their peers before going to a teacher. They are expected to help each other out and promote teamwork within the classroom.


Assessments are filled out three times a year; November, February and May. Parent teacher conferences are conducted in February to keep the parents up to date and answer any questions or concerns they may have. Adventure Place has an open door policy. Parents are welcome at any time and questions and concerns will be taken care of right away.

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