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Preschool - 3 Year Olds

Your child will be welcomed into a classroom that is filled with colorful, educational displays that will wake up their brain, preparing them for the day! First, the preschool children arrive and put their things away. They get acclimated by gliding into free play for about 15-20 minutes.


Once everyone has arrived, the teacher and friends will clean up the room, use the bathroom, wash hands and get ready for circle time. During circle time the teacher welcomes the class, they have sharing time, calendar, and read a story. After circle time is over, the children take their learning to the center of their choice as the teacher works with small groups on her prepared lessons for the day.


Adventure Place implements the Creative Curriculum. Lesson plans are created according to the children’s interests, environment and developmental need. The teacher guided activities can vary from patterning and counting to tracing and letter recognition games. Weekly lesson plans will consist of learning through a variety of science, social studies, math, writing, reading, music, art and of course, when weather permits outside play activities!!

Social Development

Our preschoolers are closely guided when it comes to social development. We encourage manners at the table and when approaching our friends and teachers. The children are taught to think of other people as family and ask for help and encourage them to assist each other when needed.


We believe that communication between school and home is the key to your child’s success. Throughout the year the teachers work on portfolios of all of your child’s hard work and accomplishments. Also, assessments will be provided to you three times a year (November, February and May). The assessments will let you know where your child is developmentally and will ensure you and the teacher are on the same page!

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